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Additional Resources on Prostate Cancer
For Patients and Families

These resources may provide additional useful information. The science is always advancing, and there may be errors, but these are some sources that have been useful to our patients and their families.

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Doctor comforting patient

Comparing Treatments

In helping to understand your treatment, Dr. Seibert has created a slide show comparing radiation, surgery, and active surveillance for prostate cancer.

Happy grandfather with family

Contribute to the Cause

Many patients and families affected by cancer often want to contribute to the larger effort to fight this disease. Please click below to learn how you can help.

Looking for more educational information?

Click and view additional videos below.


Video from the Informed Prostate Cancer Support Group including a presentation by Dr. Seibert (1:19:40)

(January 2019)


ABC10 News Interview with Dr. Seibert for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

(September 2021)


ABC10 News Interview with Dr. Seibert and patient Richard Taylor

(September 2021)


Dr. Seibert and three other doctors discuss updates on the latest techniques and technologies in Radiation Oncology from IPSCG (January 2023) 

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 8.54.31 AM.png

In a PCF webinar for patients, Dr. Seibert and two surgeons discuss how tests on prostate cancer genes can guide treatment choices (December 2023).

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