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Contribute to the Cause

Blue ribbon for prostate cancer awareness

Patients and families affected by cancer often want to contribute to the larger effort to fight this disease. Some ways to make a difference include:

  • Participating in support groups

  • Helping friends who are diagnosed with, or concerned about, prostate cancer

  • Participating in clinical research. Ask about ongoing clinical trials and studies at UC San Diego, several of which are led by Dr. Seibert.

Scripps pier in La Jolla, CA
Blue ribbon for prostate cancer awareness

Donate to the Cause

​An effective way to impact cancer care and research is through tax-deductible donations to UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center, including to Dr. Seibert's prostate cancer research.

Click the donate button above and type "Center for Precision Radiation Medicine" in the search bar and select fund. Choose an amount and click "Save Gift."

On the next screen, in the Special Instructions, type "Dr. Seibert Research Fund."

To coordinate larger gifts we can put you in touch with the philanthropy team at UC San Diego.

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